Multi-Drug Exploratory

School Resources

School Resources

Multi-Drug Exploratory

Operation Prevention's school resources provide educators with engaging tools that are aligned to national health and science standards, and integrate seamlessly into classroom instruction. Through a series of hands-on investigations, students will explore the science behind substance misuse, and the resulting impacts on brain and body.

These science-based animated videos teach students about the most common forms of substance misuse. An Educator Guide helps tie the videos together.

Multi-Drug Educator Guide

Educator Training

Education Training Staff

To help educators better prepare for conversations with students about the most common forms of substance misuse threatening their communities, this webinar walks through Operation Prevention's new video topic series, which addresses all the primary drug categories.

Additional Resources: Opioids and Prescription Drugs

Additional Resources

Face the national opioid crisis head-on with proactive prevention resources that can be easily integrated into your curriculum. Hands-on activities, lessons, and digital explorations allow students in grades 3-12 to explore the real-world impacts of opioid misuse on individuals and communities.

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